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Looking for a great place with all the amenities to host your event, special gathering, meeting, wedding shower, basketball or volleyball practice, pool party, lock-in, etc? Try the Renaud Center! For more information or to reserve Renaud Center facilities, call the Front Desk at 636-474-2REC (2732). Renaud Center rentals offer:

  • 1,000 sq. ft. multi-purpose rooms
  • 16,000 sq. ft. gymnasium
  • The natatorium, with zero-depth pool entry, interactive play structures, three lap lanes, a lazy river, a vortex, and 185-foot water slide
  • All of the above for Lock-Ins
  • Costs are for residents and non-residents

Reservations can be made by emailing [email protected] within two weeks of the requested rental date. All fees and damage deposits are collected when reservations are made. Rental requests are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, and are available outside of regular Renaud Center business hours. City of O’Fallon programs and services take priority.

Common Terms Found Below

  • Deposit: The deposit is refunded after the event takes place minus any damages or fees from the event. This is not included in the rental fee for Multipurpose Rooms.
  • Extra Hours: To add additional hours to your reservation time, you will add the extra hour fee to your total for each additional hour.
  • After Hours Fee: This fee applies to every hour that the event takes place outside of normal building operation hours. Add this fee with the extra hour fee if the time that extends outside of normal operation hours also exceeds the given rental window.

Multi-Purpose Room Rentals

The Renaud Center has two multi-purpose rooms (MPRs) that can easily accommodate 50 people each. The rooms are side-by-side and separated by a retractable wall, which can be opened to allow use of both rooms together.

Each room is 1,000 square feet, and when combined the space is perfect for larger gatherings. Both rooms feature tile floors, a countertop, and a sink. Tables and chairs can be set up for no additional fee at your request. A damage deposit of $75 is collected at time of reservation and is returned after your event less any damages.

Please note:  A $75 deposit and after hours fee of $25/hour applies to all MPR rentals.

The gymnasium features two full-size basketball courts, an optional dividing curtain, and plenty of room for those who just want to watch. A minimum rental of one hour is required.

Please note:  An after hours fee of $25/hour applies to all gymnasium rentals.

Lock-In Rentals

Lock-ins are popular for graduations, reunions, school and church gatherings. The Renaud Center is available for lock-ins anytime, after normal building hours. A lock-in includes use of the facility for 6 hours. The pool is available for the first two hours. Guests have access to the entire gymnasium and both multi-purpose rooms.

Please note:  Lock-ins require a $400 refundable deposit at the time of booking. Rental fees are due 4 weeks prior to the event date. An extra hours fee of $125/hour applies to all rentals, including an additional $135/hour for the pool.

After Hours

All rentals must include a multipurpose room.
After hours rentals are subject to approval. Please email [email protected].

After Hours – Multipurpose Room

After Hours – Pool

After Hours – Gym

Additional Fees: Deposits for after hours rentals are built into rental fees.

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