Personal Training

Customize your workout with training from a pro

Personal Training

Supercharge your workout routine and crush your fitness goals with one-on-one personal training. This option is perfect if you want a customized plan specific for your fitness level, goals and exercise history.

Couples Training

Grab your partner for accountability and get a customized plan to meet both of your needs. Couples training keeps you both progressing towards your weight and fitness goals.

Small Group Dynamic Training

Dynamic Training will give you a “results guaranteed” workout customized to your fitness level and goals, as our certified trainers guide you through exercises and challenges sure to get your heart pumping.

Fitness Center Orientation

Have questions on how to use our strength or cardio machines? Have a personal trainer introduce you to each machine, including the operation, correct weight, seat adjustments and proper form.

Let our fitness professionals tailor a new workout program to fit your needs. You’ll learn the best techniques and develop exercise habits that will give you the best results. For more information about Personal Training or to schedule sessions, please contact Brandon Collins, Fitness Specialist, at 636-474-8122 to set up an appointment.

1 session = $50.001 session = $60.00
3 sessions = $135.003 sessions = $165.00
6 sessions = $258.006 sessions = $318.00
9 sessions = $378.009 sessions = $468.00
12 sessions = $492.0012 sessions = $612.00
24 sessions = $960.0024 sessions = $1,200.00
$85 Couple per session
$215 Couple with purchase of 3 sessions
$420 Couple with purchase of 6 sessions
$612 Couple with purchase of 9 sessions
Additional Training Opportunities

Youth Sports Performance Training

This program can help participants improve in each of the five bimotor abilities with each workout: strength, speed, endurance, agility and coordination, and flexibility. The training can also help develop proper habits that may reduce the risk of injuries.

Strength training will focus on progressively developing upper and lower body strength, core strength and stability through various periodization models. Speed training will focus on mastering efficient movement mechanics to optimize acceleration and maximum speed movement pertaining specifically to a given sport. Endurance training will progress from general to specific interval, shuttle and sprint training. Participants will become proficient at proper running and acceleration techniques. Flexibility will be emphasized with each session and each athlete will be stretched at the conclusion of the workout.

6 sessions = $220/$2216 sessions = $75/$84
12 sessions = $384/$42412 sessions = $150/$166
24 sessions = $744/$81824 sessions = $300/$331

Dynamic Training

Join this small group training program for personal training at an even smaller cost! Dynamic Training will give you a “results guaranteed” workout customized to your fitness level and goals, as our certified trainers guide you through exercises and challenges sure to get your heart pumping.

Meet the Renaud Center Personal Trainers


Angela Waddington

Certifications: ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist

Read Angela's Bio

Angela decided to begin her career in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer in 2001. She wanted to improve people’s quality of life by increasing their strength, balance, cardio fitness and flexibility. Her experience includes training a diverse population of youth through older adults and strives to come up with innovative workouts that are challenging yet never boring. Angela also teaches boot camp, cycle boot camp and stays busy with her three young children.


Beth Thomas

Certifications: ACE Group Fitness Instructor and NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Read Beth's Bio

Instructor Beth Thomas has a strong background in fitness. Her career began in 1996 at the University Fitness Center in Wisconsin, where she was the Group Exercise Director and an instructor for a variety of fitness classes. After graduating with a degree in Physical Education with a minor in coaching, she became a certified strength and conditioning specialist. She continued to teach and train at several health clubs, and competed in many triathlons, both sprint and Olympic distances. In 2008, Beth moved to the St. Louis area and started at the Renaud Center, where she is now an instructor. Beth’s background in teaching and competing gives her the experience and insight needed to develop safe, effective and fun workouts that are personalized for each client. You’ll also find her leading Dynamic Training, Cardio Dance Fitness and Boot Camp classes. When she is not training or working out, Beth enjoys spending time with her husband and four children.


Sue Roland

Certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor; Silver Sneakers instructor; Aquatic Exercise Association/Arthritis Foundation Program Leader

Read Sue's Bio

Sue Rowland is living her dream and enjoying every minute of it. She retired from government service after a 30+ year career, most of it as a city clerk. Sue is the proud grandma of four boys and a girl, and the grandkids are the main reason Sue and her husband relocated from North Carolina to Missouri after they both retired. Home is where the heart is, and the grandchildren own Sue’s heart! In her spare time Sue likes to spend time with family; take long walks, hikes and bike rides; play tennis, pickleball and basketball; lift weights; and customize workouts for her personal training clients and group fitness participants. She also likes to read fiction, especially mysteries.


Natalie Onuoha

Certifications: Professional member of AFAA and a nationally-certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor

Read Natalie's Bio

Natalie is a highly self-motivated athlete with a unique ability to encourage her clients to push themselves above and beyond their “comfort level.” Her considerable experience in endurance training, weight training, and core and stability training has translated into success with many clients. Throughout her life, Natalie has enthusiastically participated in physical fitness. She fondly recalls competing in a 5K race with her family when she was eight years old. As captain of the rugby team at the US Air Force Academy, she led the team to the national championship competition. Currently, she leads her “team“ of four children in a daily homeschooling adventure. If Natalie is not at the gym in the early morning hours, she’s probably out running. “I love to run,” she says. “It’s an efficient way to burn calories and relieve stress, and requires no coordination and only a pair of shoes.” Although her favorite race distance is the half-marathon, she’s run four marathons, and she’s making plans to add to that number.

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