Group Fitness

Score the shape you want with motivating programs for every level

The Renaud Center offers a variety of classes for every fitness level, including seniors, cardio, strength, flexibility, high-intensity and much more. Classes fill quickly, so please register early to ensure your place. All group fitness classes meet for six weeks, unless otherwise indicated.

Add Unlimited group fitness classes to your Renaud Center membership!

For only $65 per year, upgrade your Renaud Center annual membership to include unlimited group fitness classes! Ask the front desk for details.

Opportunities in the Fitness Program

The Fitness Program is always in need of qualified, dependable people willing to share their knowledge with others. If you have experience in any group fitness programs, whether listed or not, plus an interest in working with others, please contact Ty Lohmar, Fitness Specialist, at 636-474-8122 or [email protected].

Types of Classes


Fast paced, high-energy classes that will get your heart rate up and burning calories in no time.

  • Power Hour – Strength plus speed equals POWER, and that is what you will get in this intense, 60-minute class. Each workout combines strength, plyometerics, stability and recovery so you burn more calories and elevate your metabolism.
  • Performance 360 – Whether you are an athlete or not, you can learn to train like one!  This class incorporates performance, balance, integrated strength, and athletic movement to ensure that participants experience all of the elements of fitness in one awesome class.
  • Step and Sculpt – Do you want to burn calories, increase your cardiovascular fitness and tone your muscles? Try this energizing step class with intervals of weights, abdominal exercises and a relaxing cool down.
  • Turbo Kick – Join us for cardio with an attitude complete with a sport specific warm-up, bouts of intense kick boxing intervals, easy to follow combinations, kickboxing specific strength/endurance training and more. All levels are encouraged.
  • ZUMBA – ZUMBA fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow movements into a dynamic workout that will blow you away. Routines incorporate fun music, interval training, fast and slow rhythms and resistance training for classes that you will look forward to.
  • Cardio Dance – Are you ready to burn fat, blast calories and have a great time? If so, then you are at the right dance party! This class incorporates easy to follow dance steps, a great cardio workout, toning and fun.


Classes that will help you sculpt your muscles and strengthen your core.

  • Guns and Buns – This class covers it all in a short amount of time! A great combination of exercises that will help you sculpt and strengthen your body with multi-muscle movements that will get your workout done in half the time!
  • Functional Core Training – Endless crunches are a thing of the past! This class will take you through a series of exercises that recruit all of the muscles in the core to increase power and performance.
  • Body Sculpt – Using your own body weight along with hand weights and resistance tubing, you’ll increase your total body muscle tone, bone density and overall strength.
  • Total Body Conditioning – Challenge every muscle in your body with this total body strength training class! Shape and tone your body from head to toe using Group X training equipment, including hand weights, barbells, your own body weight and more.
  • ZUMBA® Toning – Enjoy the same great ZUMBA® party with an emphasis on toning and sculpting to define the arms, core and lower body. The challenge of adding resistance with light weights helps you focus on specific muscle groups so that you (and your muscles) stay engaged!


Specifically designed with seniors in mind!

  • Silver Sneakers – Cardio Circuit – Cardio Circuit is an enjoyable, heart-healthy program designed to help improve cardio vascular health and muscular endurance.  Workouts incorporate low-impact cardio with light strength training.
  • S.W.A.T. ( Senior Weights and Toning) – This class is designed for seniors who want to get strong and learn how to properly use free weights, resistance tubing, the stability ball, and more. Get fit together, laugh together and learn together!
  • Functional Flexibility for Seniors – Perfect for all fitness levels, this program offers a great way for seniors to improve range-of-motion, decrease pain and soreness after exercise, improve posture and increase muscle.


These classes have been designed with a specific interest.

  • Dynamic Training – Small group training at an even smaller cost! Geared to get intense results guaranteed. Let our personal trainers take you through a series of exercises and challenges sure to get your heart pumping! Workout will be customized specifically to your fitness level and goals.
  • Group Cycle: Interval Ride – With this workout you will experience cycling through every type of terrain. Flat road for endurance, hills for strength and a bit of wind behind you for speed, and fast speed sprint intervals all help make a great workout.
  • Boot Camp – Looking to get into shape fast? Try a no-nonsense military inspired workout that will have you sweating in no time! Fitness tests are conducted on the first and last days of class to show your improvement.


A complete body workout that focuses on a combination of stretches and breathing.

  • Power Flow – Push yourself to a new level of fitness using a combination of deep stretching and muscle control exercises.  This class will help develop a lean, defined, symmetrical musculature by focusing on core strength, balance, flexibility and symmetry to give you total body strength and definition.
  • Body Fusion – This refreshing class combines elements of yoga, Pilates, and strength-conditioning for slow, controlled movements that enhance balance, posture, flexibility, coordination, core-strength and muscle tone.
  • Barre Conditioning – If you enjoy the benefits of yoga and Pilates you will love Barre Conditioning.  Workouts incorporate ballet-based movements with the barre to help improve balance, posture, flexibility, coordination, core strength and muscle tone in a new way.
  • Yoga (Specialty) – This challenging form of yoga focuses on the synchronization of breathing with the continuous flow of movements. This is a great whole body workout.

Youth Fitness

Learn the basics of fitness while having fun and trying a variety of different equipments and styles.

  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Tumbling – Group and private lessons are offered.
  • Soccer Conditioning – Whether you are a new player or an experienced player looking to improve your game, this program can help you get faster, stronger and more confident. This program can help you get more power, faster feet, and make you agile enough to go around even the best defenders.

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Fitness Class Schedule

Fitness Class Schedule