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The Basics

How do I schedule a tour?

Stop by the Renaud Center during business hours to get a guided tour by one of our staff. You may virtually tour the facility on this website now!

How do I contact the Renaud Center?

To contact the Renaud Center, please call us at 636-474-2REC (2732). You may also e-mail us at [email protected].

Do I need to be a member to use the facility?

No, the facility is open to members and non-members. Non-members will simply pay a daily admission fee based on their residency status.

How do I sign up for a Renaud Center membership?

Stop by the Renaud Center to sign up in-person. You will need to bring one form of picture ID (current driver’s license, military ID, passport, etc.) and one proof of residency (unpaid utility bill, checks with preprinted address, personal property tax receipt). If the address on your ID is different from your proof of residency you will need two proofs of residency.

What is a Resident Privilege Account?

An account both residents and non-residents use to sign-up for classes and manage memberships. Ask the Renaud Center front desk staff for assistance in setting up an account.

Why do I need a Resident Privilege Account?

To receive the resident rate on programs and daily admissions at the Renaud Center or Alligator’s Creek, you must use a Resident Privilege Account.

What is Kids’ Korner?

A childcare service for children ages 3 months to 9 years old offered to patrons of the Renaud Center. Anyone can use Kids’ Korner as long as they remain in the building.

What are your open swim hours?

Hours vary depending upon season. Contact 636-474-2732 for open swim hours.

I would like to take my children swimming, but I will not be getting in the water. Do I need to pay a daily admission for myself?

Yes, everyone who passes the front desk must pay daily admission. This is an admission fee, not an activity fee. If your children are ages 9 or older, you are welcome to sit in our lobby. Children under age 9 must be supervised by an adult at all times!

My child is not 16. Can he/she come upstairs to the Fitness Center under my supervision?

  • Ages 8 and under are not allowed in the fitness center and may NOT utilize the cardio, strength, free weight equipment or track
  • Ages 9–15 may only utilize the track and must have immediate supervision at all times (an adult must be on the track with them).
  • Ages 12–15 who have successfully completed the weight room orientation can utilize the track and the fitness area by themselves (they must wear a wristband from the front desk at all times).

How can I register for classes?

There are three easy ways to register: online, in person and by phone. See page two of the Parks & Rec Guide for details.

When does your Parks & Rec Guide come out?

The 44-page catalog is mailed to residents as part of the City newsletter the first week of March, June, September and December. Additional copies are available at the Renaud Center, Municipal Centre (City Hall) and Parks & Recreation Administrative Offices.

Are there any rental opportunities at the Renaud Center?

Yes, for more information please contact the front desk at 636-474-2732. NOTE: The gymnasium may only be rented for basketball and volleyball.

Kids’ Korner Childcare

Will you change my child’s diaper or help them onto the toilet/wipe?

Kids Korner attendants are not allowed to help with diaper changes or toilet needs. If a child needs assistance, an attendant will get the parent.

My child stayed home sick from school, can I bring them to Kids Korner?

To protect the other children in the room, we ask that your child stay home if they are sick.

How often are the toys sanitized?

The toys are sanitized weekly. Tables, counter tops, door knobs and light switches are wiped down daily. We also clean toys daily that come in contact with a child’s mouth.

What is the sign-out procedure?

We do require the parent that signed the child(ren) in, to sign them out. With this, we will ask to see a photo ID. If another person will be picking up your child, please be sure to speak with the attendant so we can have you fill out the proper paperwork for the day.

Can my child bring a toy in with them?

We provide a wide variety of games and activities and ask that children leave their toys at home. We do allow for a child to bring in a comfort item (blanket, pacifier, teddy bear, etc.)

What are the ages for Kids Korner?

3 months to 9 years old

Renaud Center Preschool

Where can I find the monthly themes?

The monthly themes will be listed in the Parks and Rec Guide in the Just for Kids Section.

How often do the activities change?

The theme changes monthly around the 1st of each month. However, during the month, activities will be adjusted to keep the room new and exciting!

Do I have to pay each time?


What are the hours?

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:30am-11:30am, 4:30pm-7:30pm.
Saturday: 10am-1pm

What is the cost?

$6 per visit per child (includes adults)

Does my payment give me access to the entire Renaud Center building?

The cost it only for the Recreation Station and does not give you full access to our facility.

Do I have to stay with my child?


What ages is it for?

1 ½ – 12 years old


Natatorium • Aqua Aerobics • Learn To Swim Program

What is the Mileage Swim Club?

This program is free and easy to do! Each time you  swim laps at the Renaud Center, log your laps in our binder. To swim at mile at our pool, you need to swim 66 laps or 33 lengths. We will do tallies throughout the year and then at the end we will add them all up and see who has swam the most. Top three participants get prizes, as well as everyone who hits 25 miles, 50, 75, 100, etc.

What is the difference between a lap and a length?

A lap is one swim down. A length is swimming down and back. Renaud Center Mileage Swim Club participants log their swimming in laps.

Can we bring inflatables to the pool?

Unfortunately, no. An item must be coast guard-approved to be used as a safety device. We offer free life jackets to our patrons they can use while they are swimming at our facility.

Can we bring our own food into the pool area?

No. Only water is permitted in the natatorium. We have a wet/dry concession stand that is open daily with tables and chairs a short distance from the pool.

How do I sign up for private or semi-private lessons?

Sign up by calling the Renaud Center front desk at 636-474-2732, or print and complete the Private Lesson Request from the website. The form is also available at our facility. We ask for your name, child’s name, phone number, age, what days and times you would like and any other information you think would be helpful for us to know. The form is then given to the Aquatic Specialist and who will then assign a guard to call and set up the three lessons based on both of your schedules. Pleaset note:  this process can take about one to two weeks; during the summer, it may take up to three weeks for someone to reach you.

How are private lessons different than semi-private lessons?

Private lessons are one-on-one lessons with your child and the instructor. A semi-private lesson is for two children and the instructor. Participants of semi-private lessons are requested to be approximately at the same skill level.

What is the difference between customized private lessons and scheduled private lessons?

Customized private lessons give you ultimate flexibility! You and the instructor decide what days and times work best for each of you. Scheduled private lessons are days and times that are already published in the Parks & Rec Guide. You may sign up for these lessons online or in-person. An instructor will be ready to meet you and your swimmer on the first day of lessons.

Who do I contact if my child needs one-on-one help during swim lessons?

You are encouraged to reach out to the Aquatic Specialist at 636-474-8131 or speak to Brita Weight, St. Charles County Coordinator of Inclusive Recreation, at 314-359-9970 or [email protected]. We are happy to help and assist your child!

What level of the O’Fallon Swim Academy is best for my child?

Each of the level of the O’Fallon Swim Academy is described thoroughly in our quarterly Parks & Rec Guide. If you still have questions, please reach out to the Aquatic Specialist at 636-474-8131 and they will help you decide.

If I am swimming laps, may I use your equipment?

Absolutely! Any of the equipment can be used by our adult patrons. We only ask that you take proper care of the items and put them away when you are finished. Please note: we do not allow children to use to swim lesson equipment.

How tall must a child be to use the slide?

Your child must be 48″ to use 185-foot water slide. They cannot wear goggles or life jackets while going down the big slide. For children under 48″, there is a kiddie slide in the zero depth area. A life jacket may be worn on the smaller slide.

What ways are there to enter the pool?

You may enter the pool four different ways:  stairs with a railing, zero-depth entry walk in, a ladder in the lap lanes or an ADA-accessible chair lift.

How deep is the pool in the natatorium?

The deepest part of our pool is 54″ or 4′ 6″. We have a zero depth walk in area and the middle of our pool is 42″ or 3′ 6″.

Birthday Parties

May I bring in my own food and drink?

No. No outside food or drink is allowed.

Can I bring in decorations?

Balloons and decorations for the tables are allowed to be brought in, nothing can be hung on the wall.

What do the themes cover?

The theme describes the paper products and how the cake will be decorated.

Do adults count towards the number of people in a party?

Yes. Adults and kids are included in the packages.

How much do the kids get to swim at a party?

The party starts in the room first (depending on the package this can be either 45 minutes or 1 hour), then the party moves to the pool where attendees can swim until the pool closes.

Cultural Arts