O’Fallon Day Camps

Our popular camps get children active and involved

The O’Fallon Day Camp program consists of summer day camps, specialty camps and other programs like Winter Break Camp and Spring Break Camp. Intended for ages 5 to 12, activities for the camps include exciting field trips and in-house entertainment, crafts, games and much more. Refer to the latest Parks & Rec Guide for details.

Summer day camps are held at three locations in O’Fallon:

  • Camp JACK at the Renaud Center
  • GATOR Camp at Civic Park
  • Adventure Camp at the brand new O’Day Park

Please note: Registration for camps may be completed online or in person at the Renaud Center or the Parks and Recreation Office.

Does your child require special accommodations?

If so, once registered, please email Danielle at dreecht@ofallon.mo.us to set up a time to discuss how we can help meet these needs and ensure your child has a positive experience this summer.

Day Camps FAQs

Can my child bring money to the pool (GATOR and JACK only)?

Yes, but they are responsible for the money. A counselor will not hold onto this and we are not responsible if the money gets lost.

What type of lunch should my child bring during the week and on Field Trips?

We suggest healthy lunches to help keep their energy levels up. Keep in mind that lunches are not refrigerated so you do not want to send them with anything that can’t be kept cold by an ice pack.

Can my child sign up for multiple camps?

Yes! You sign up for individual weeks, but you are required to fill out information for each camp.

Can my child bring money on field trip days?

Yes, but they are responsible for the money. The Counselor will not hold onto it and is not responsible for it if it gets lost.

Can I request that siblings are together in the same group?

Yes, but older siblings will move down to the younger siblings group. We will not move a younger sibling into an older group.

What if my child has allergies?

In the paperwork packet, there is a page titled Parent Authorization Form. There is a question on that page that asks about allergies, make sure to list it there.

Can I request my child to be with a friend?

Yes, you may request to be with a friend at registration.

What should my child bring with them to camp?

A water bottle and lunch. Wear tennis shoes, hat and athletic clothing.

My child will be 5 years old halfway through the summer. Can they come the entire summer?

No. They have to be 5 the day they come to camp.

Can I register today, but pay for the weeks throughout the summer?

No. Payment is in full the day of registration.

Are there any discounts for more than one child or registering for multiple weeks?


What are the hours?

Regular hours are 9AM-3:30PM

Can my child come to camp on Friday, but not attend the field trip?

No. If they come to camp, they will go on the Bus.

Do I have to pay for the entire week if my child will only be attending a couple of days?

Yes, you do need to pay for the whole week. We do not prorate.

What is the difference between Camp JACK and Camp GATOR and Camp Adventure?

– Camp JACK is at the Renaud Spirit Center
– Camp GATOR is at the Krekel Civic Center
– Camp ADVENTURE is at O’Day Park and does not offer swimming.

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Drop-in Pool Schedule

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